Cumilla Technical Training Centre

Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training

Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment


Introducing  :

 Cumilla Technical Training Centre is a largest and oldest technical training  centre in the history of skills development training in Bangladesh.The prime objectives of Technical Training Centreis to create national and international standard skilled manpower for local and global market.  In the age of globalization and changing technology Cumilla Technical Training Centre is capable to meet the demand of future  needs of skilled manpower for development  of Bangladesh.



        This Technical Training Centre (TTC) is established in 1977 to train up the unskilled for employment both inland and abroad to have a   gainful jobs.


    Cumilla TTC at a glance:

             1       Total Area                                                    :        13.03 acres

             2       Work shops                                                   :        16nos.

             3       Computer lab                                               :        05 nos.

             4       Class rooms                                                  :        16 nos.

             5       Hostel (Male & Female)                              :        02 nos.

             6       Yearly capacity                                             :        10,500 (Approx.)

             7       Closed circuit camera                                  :        08

             8       Wi-Fi system                                                 :        Internal campus

             9       Emergency power supply                             :        500 KVA Generator

            10     Job placement cell                                       :        01

            11     Total Manpower                                          :        115 (Instructional 30)


        Courses at a glance in Cumilla TTC:

             ✓  02 Years SSC (Voc) Course on 10 Trade

             ✓  Modular courses on 35 trades

            ✓  Trade testing facility

            ✓  Tailor made training facility

            ✓  Public private partnership (PPP) program

            ✓  House Keepingfor Middle East Countries.

            ✓  House Keeping for Hong Kong

            ✓  Orientation course for Saudi Arabia and Malaysia bound worker


     Curriculum, Trainers & Equipment:

          ✓  Curriculum is updated by BMET & BTEB.

          ✓  Trainers trained from China/Korea/Singapore/Australia

          ✓  Modern Machineries

          ✓  Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)Machines

       Assessment and Certification:

           ✓  Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET)